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Mar 4

broken computer

so just as i get the ball rolling by computer battery goes kaput! great wonderful awesome. I now et to play games on my daughters Ipad. Sooo. My husband never apologized, but i think he got the message and in fact he was really nice to me and i even milked it a little bit. Sometimes you got to just got to enjoy your triumphs in silence. 

I have been getting in to poetry lately. I like reading it and now trying to write it. It beautiful and seems like the world does not see it enough anymore, but im not sure i understand it all. I get that there are different styles and some poems are deeper then others. what i don’t understand is what makes a good poem… what makes a poem a poem….

Is it like art where the rich, intellectuals decide?


Im learning that is how most of things are decided in our society. I wish i had a voice.

so while looking for poems i found this poem.

The Orange

by Wendy Cope

At lunchtime I bought a huge orange
The size of it made us all laugh.
I peeled it and shared it with Robert and Dave—
They got quar­ters and I had a half.

And that orange it made me so happy,
As ordi­nary things often do
Just lately. The shop­ping. A walk in the park
This is peace and con­tent­ment. It’s new.

The rest of the day was quite easy.
I did all my jobs on my list
And enjoyed them and had some time over.
I love you. I’m glad I exist.

Feb 20

an average husband

**i do apologize this is a rant***

SO i was going to write about today about my adventures in learning french and the books i’ve read that have created a fear of the French, but this afternoon was interrupted by my husband doing what husbands do…. living with out a care in the world. Now let me describe. My husband went to a funeral today, not a family relative, not for a close friend, but for an acquaintance. I was fine with him going in fact i even had suggested it, but later that day he texts me he did not return to work and was hanging out with his friends. Also he was still going to his weekly music night. I asked him if he was going to pick up our daughter from school or perhaps make dinner. Well his response was no. So thinking hmmmm he is not working and i won’t see him until after 10 o’clock. well that seems weird because if i was in the same position i would still pick up my daughter from school or make dinner. I guess we don’t think the same way. I was a little peeved and called it a vacation day for him at which he said he was not that he was a funeral this morning… hmmmm again. he wasn’t at it anymore. I mentioned to him it seems that he is choosing personal desires over family responsibilities. He did not agree. I eventually told him don’t worry about it, i don’t care and i don’t want to see him unless he understands why im upset. He then said some bullshit about death being hard on him and him not being able to get our daughter because of it. 

I explained this story to two of my married CoWorkers and they instantly understood. I usually have no problem with my husband doing this. I get home before him and handle the childcare while he goes for drinks after work, out with friends, or music night, In order for me to do that i have to find a babysitter. Also my husband gets every Friday night and Saturday night to himself. I feel im an easy going wife and yet he cannot comprehend why it bothers me that when he is not working he can’t pitch in or see his daughter. 

I would have been less mad had he just recognized what he was doing and then asked if i didn’t mind. or as he at one point said, not tell me he was not working. I just don’t understand why husbands think this way. Much of their lives are made convenient by there wives and they take it as a given. He wanted a kid too! I find it very unfair that he does this and i have to be the naggy wife when it seems like common sense that family comes first with any bit of free time.  Its not as if i don’t tell hime how i feel. All i ask for is some god damn recognition. I work too! i am not a stay at home mom where child care and house keeping is my primary job. I have 2 jobs. All i ask is for some respect.

I’m i crazy here?

Feb 17
Los Angeles Zoo Playground

Los Angeles Zoo Playground

dreaming of playgrounds

Went to the zoo today with my daughter. It was pretty crowded, but i always and happy to see the zoo crowded. I would never want it to fail or close. it’s funny, but my daughter loves playgrounds, like most children, but my daughter will base her plans on parks or it will be the most memorable aspect of a trip. When she opened the zoo map she immediately asked where the playground was. Our plan became a path to the playground. We did enjoy the animals. They were surprisingly active. I’d really like to one day go to the zoo and sit and observe a few animals. 

I always tell my mom that i want to write a travel blog based off my daughters love of playgrounds. She once went on a trip to Monterey, CA and when asked about the trip she only mentioned some playground she went to . At Disneyland she likes Tom Sawyers island, at California Adventure its the wilderness camp. She always mentions how she misses the park across the street of our old house. My dream is to take her all over the world to rate parks/playgrounds. Maybe one day….

Jan 31

Giselle @ the Los Angeles Music Center
Royal New Zealand Ballet


Giselle @ the Los Angeles Music Center

Royal New Zealand Ballet

an average confession

So i must confess tonight i did something that may to be considered  average… I went to the ballet and not just the ballet i went to a dress rehearsal. Now average me did not go and get tickets, but i was invited. Heres the thing i have un-average friends and family. I know people who do wonderful things. My mother is quite wonderful. She likes to do activities. she is always going to museums and the theater. She has clam bakes and cookie parties. And sometimes she lets me tag along. Tonight was fun because not only did i get to watch ballet (sigh), but i got to see how the other half lives. We went to see the dress rehearsal of Giselle. it was pretty good. the core was spot on! i love when the core is in unison, great core choreography. So there you go average me doing something exciting.


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